Sonnenberg Village January 20th 7:00 pm STEVE FREE

Steve Free

We hope you saw the great articles in the Dalton Gazette and Kidron News and the Wooster Daily Record about Steve Free and his band.  This is a great opportunity for our area to see and hear a Grammy nominated artist and a platinum record winner for the price of only $10.00. And, it will be the comfortable home of the Sonnenberg Welcome Center. This is the first appearance of FreeStar in our area and it is not likely to happen again.

As a singer, songwriter and recording artist Free performs a program which evokes imagery and reflects the simplicity of life. He has charted over 30 songs on the National, International, American and Country Billboards and Charts, including 15 No. 1 songs. Free also has three American Music Records and nine awards from the American Society of Composers.

Raised in Appalachia, Free has also been able to integrate his Shawnee-Cherokee roots into his music with a seamless harmony that has impressed audiences wherever he has traveled. He has toured all over Europe where his song “Just a Baby Boy” still is played and sung by choirs.

Free, quoted in the Daily Record describes himself as “…a storyteller first and foremost…” Having studied with Woody Guthrie and followed the careers of Neil Young and Bob Dylan Free does not describe himself as a folk singer but much more that he describes as “Americana”.

So, please do not miss this singular opportunity to hear the best in American music.