Kidron Community Historical Society Annual Business Meeting with Special Guest–General Robert E. Lee

Edward Beers performs Robert E. Lee. Photo by Joe Pelletier.

The annual business meeting of the Kidron Community Historical Society will be held on Tuesday, February 27th at 7:00 pm in the Welcome Center of Sonnenberg Village. President Wayne Liechty promises that the business part of the meeting will be very short as usual so that we may hear a presentation from our special guest, General Robert E. Lee.

Portrayed by Edward P. Beers of Orrville, Lee was a devoted family man, faithful to his wife all of his life. He was a devoted family man who raised his three sons and four daughters to know God. He was devoted to the United States, but when the Civil War started, he was loyal to the South and the men under his command. At the end, when he saw defeat was imminent, he choose to surrender rather than to continue guerilla warfare. His only request was that the men under his control could return to their families with the goods and weapons that they bought with them without retribution by northern troops. General Grant was wise enough to see that his request should be granted.

Beers will bring Lee’s life, faith and struggle alive for us as a reminder of what we all should struggle humbly to achieve in spite of the obstacles placed in our way.