Sonnenberg Village

The Sonnenberg Village is a 5-acre campus located on the outskirts of Kidron, Ohio. It is located at  located at 13497 Hackett Road, but has an Apple Creek mailing address. Here we maintain and preserve historical buildings and implement sustainable living methods that feature the use of green building technology and sustainable gardening and landscaping techniques. The campus currently has five permanent buildings in place with an additional nine buildings waiting to be installed on their respective sites.

Regular hours have not yet been established at the Sonnenberg Village as it is still under construction. However, the Welcome Center is available to rent for weddings, reunions and events by calling 330-857-9111. People are welcome to park and walk around the Village anytime if they wish. Any donations would be greatly appreciated as we work to complete the Sonnenberg Village!

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 1.   Welcome Center / Sonnenberg Church

 2.   Bixler House

 3.   Carpenter Shop*

 4.   Schoolhouse*

 5.   Print Shop*

 6.   Garden House

 7.   Tschantz Log Cabin

 8.   Lehman Spring House

 9.   Lehman House

10.   1830s Barn*

11.   Amstutz Corn Crib*

12.   Storage Building

13.   Buggy Shed

14.   Saurer Blacksmith Shop

15.   Gardens

16.   Ponds


*Proposed Site 


Sonnengerg Village is located at 13497 Hackett Road, Apple Creek, Ohio.   Approximate area 5 acres.

Map is not to scale.