Schedule of Events



Sat. Jan. 7th Brian Hofstetter Memorial Service 2:30 pm

Sun. January 8th Lehman Family

Sat. Feb. 25th Clarence Steiner Family

Mon. Feb. 27th  1:30 pm  Patrick Henry portrayal (tickets required)

Tue. Feb. 28th 7:00 pm  Annual Meeting

Sat. March 25th Lone Raven Music (ticket required)

Sat. April 22nd 2:00 pm Scott Ainslie Music (ticket required)

Sat. May 13th 7:00 pm Mercy River Gospel (freewill offering)

Sun. July 2  Ben Geiser Family

Fri. July 21  Wedding Rehearsal

Sat. July 22 Lehman Wedding

Fri. July 28 Wedding Rehearsal

Sat. July 29  Wellin Wedding

Sat. August 12th 10 am to 4 pm Homecoming

Sat. Oct. 21 10 am to 4 pm Beet Festival

Fri. Dec. 22 Lehman Family

Tue. Dec. 26th Steiner Family



Tue. Feb. 27th 7:00pm Annual Meeting Sonnenberg Village

Thur. April 6th Heritage Center reopens for the season

Tue. April 25th Members Banquet 6:00 pm



Sat. March 4th 9:00 am Machinery Sale

Sat. April 1st 9:00 am Machinery Sale

Sat. July 1st 9:00 am Crippled Children Benefit

Sat. Aug. 19th 9:00 am Machinery Sale

Mon. Oct. 9th 7:00 pm Dairy Sale