Schedule of Events



Sat. Jan. 2nd  9:00 am Begly Family

Sat. Jan. 23rd 2:00 pm Upriver (Appalachian Music) Adm. Fee

Mon. Feb. 22nd 1:00 pm Dolly Madison (First Person Interpretation) Adm. Fee

Tue. Feb. 23rd 7:00 pm Annual Meeting of the Kidron Community Historical Society

Sat. March 12th 2:00 pm The Back Porch Swing Band (Western) Adm. Fee

Sat. Apr. 2nd 2:00 pm Bob Milne (Ragtime Piano) Adm. Fee

Tue. May 3rd  1:30 pm Professor William Kerrigan speaking on Johnny Appleseed    Free and open to the public

Sat. May 21 7:00 pm Jericho Road (Gospel)Freewill Offering

Sat. May 28th Tschantz Family Reunion

Sun. May 29th  Ethan and Micah Graduation

Wed. June 8th Orrville Seniors. 9:00 am

Wed. July 13th Valley View Choir rehearsal 7:00 pm

Thurs. to Friday 14th-15th Choir recording 5:00 pm

Sun. July 31st Steiner Reunion 6:30 pm

Tue, Aug. 9th Bixler Family Reunion

Tue. Aug. 9th Bixler House Dedication 7:30 pm Open to the Public

Sat. August 13th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sonnenberg Homecoming

Tue. Sept. 27th Wayne County Retired Teachers Luncheon 11:00 am

Sat. Oct. 1st 1-4 pm  Flower Workshop Tschantz Cabin

Sat. Oct. 1st  3:00 pm  Private 60th Anniversary Dinner

Tue. Oct. 4th 1:30 pm  Lecture on the Emancipation Proclamation   by John C. Fazio  Free Admission

Sat. Oct. 8th  Noon  Child Support Agency Lunch

Sun. Oct. 9th Open Arms Ministry Concert

Sat. October 15th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Kidron Beet Festival

Thurs. Oct. 20th 2:00 pm   Swiss speakers recording

Fri. Oct. 21st. Central Christian Community Service Day

Sat. Dec. 17th 4:00 pm  Kuhns Family Christmas

Fri. Dec. 23  Troyer Family Christmas

Sun. Dec. 25th 6:00 pm Miller Family Christmas

Mon. Dec. 26  Steiner Family




Sun. January 8th Lehman Family

Sat. Feb. 25th Clarence Steiner Family

Sat. July 2 Steffen Reunion

Sat. July 29  Wellin Wedding

Tue. Dec. 26th Steiner Family